Snow, snow, go away! Come again for just a few weeks next year...

Our full schedule begins in under 2 weeks and Cleveland just got hit with 4-5 inches of snow.  Yikes!  Winds of 25mph with snow on the ground and people needing to walk a block to get to the truck....yeah, stayed parked today for lunch.  We still have a fun event this evening at A Fresh Wind Church in Amherst, Ohio.  Great food from the truck followed by a Comedian/Magician to make this a great family event on a Friday night!

In other news, the new 2017 menu will be posted this weekend!  Delicious happenings!

New season is right around the corner!

Welcome to the newly created webpage for The Little Piggy!  We are Cleveland's "BEYOND BBQ" food truck! Between our social media sites and here, we want to stay connected with you.  We want to be showcasing some great pictures of food or locations we've recently been to, keeping you up to date of our upcoming whereabouts, announcing new menu items/specials or even promoting other trucks and events that we may not be a part of!  

The site is a work in progress and will soon have our new 2017 Cleveland Menu with many of the big hits from last season and more creative and delicious options.  Please check back every so often on here and social media sites to see the fun stuff in store for The Little Piggy and Cleveland food trucks of all kinds.